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Mike and Kristen recently moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Asheville to complete their doctoral training in clinical psychology. They both share a passion for the outdoors and photography. Kristen and Mike both have master's degrees in clinical psychology and have taught at the undergraduate level. They have formally taught mindfulness skills to children and adults alike, in clinical settings, in 1:1 and group settings during their several years of training.

Mike Poggioli, M.A.

Mike grew up outside of New York City, and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Xavier University. Before graduate school, Mike earned a master's in education while teaching elementary school in Chicago. His clinical interests are the uses of mindfulness for managing chronic illnesses, such as cancer. Mike loves photography, hiking, and frisbee!

Kristen Kemp, M.A.

Kristen grew up in North Carolina before moving to Cincinnati to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Xavier University. She has incorporated mindfulness into her clinical work, as well as in her personal life. Kristen's clinical interests are mind and body wellness in older adulthood. She loves to hike, take pictures, and play with her cats!

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